Meta-Analysis of Human Molecular Responses to Staphylococcus aureus

Sidra Younis , Farha Deeba , Qamar Javed , Miroslav Blumenberg


Objective: To compare the local and systematic transcriptional responses of human body to S. aureus or its components.
Study Design: Meta-analysis of microarray data.
Place and Duration of Study: The study was conducted at R.O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, The NYU Cancer Institute, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, USA, from March 2015 to May 2015.
Materials and Methods: Public repository “GEO Datasets” was searched using key term “Staphylococcus aureus” for data sets covering effects of S. aureus infection in Homo sapiens cells. The microarray data for immune cell responses to S. aureus was analyzed using Rank Prod, RMA Express and DAVID software.
Results: The analysis has shown that S. aureus infection was responsible for inducing immunity, platelet activation, vasodilation, MyD88 dependent gene expression and cell cycle. It suppressed gene expression of normal cell processes, protein catabolism and apoptosis. Heat-inactivated S. aureus challenged the cell induced immunity, cell cycle, growth regulators, anti-apoptosis and anticoagulant genes, while suppressed the genes for adaptive immunity, carbohydrate synthesis and MyD88 dependent pathway. Furthermore, in the S. aureus-infected patients the genes for defense, innate immunity, solute receptors and anti-apoptotic processes were upregulated, whereas adaptive immunity and positive regulators of apoptosis were downregulated.
Conclusion: MyD88 signaling pathway, ubiquitin mediated protein catabolism and IFNγ mediated cell death processes can be targeted for treatment against virulent S. aureus infections.

Key Words: Heat-killed S. aureus, Immunity, Live S. aureus, Meta-Analysis, Staphylococcus aureus.

How to cite this: Younis S, Deeba F, Javed Q, Blumenberg M. Meta-Analysis of Human Molecular Responses to Staphylococcus aureus. Life and Science. 2020; 1(4): 128-138 . doi:

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