Perspectives of Emerging Zoonoses – Challenges and Opportunities

Muhammad Tariq Navid , Raheela Akhtar , Muhammad Zeeshan Bhatti


Zoonoses are infectious diseases that are linked with human and animals. During the last few decades, human-animal linkages and close associations have increased the threats of the zoonotic diseases up-to several times. The increasing demands of animal-based edible proteins have resulted in a higher rate of human-animal interaction. Moreover, human, animal and environmental factors have increased the threat of vector-borne and food-borne illnesses globally. In the present study, we have focused on vector-borne and food-borne diseases that are transmissible between human and animal species. We have highlighted a few opportunities through which we can reduce the chances of emerging zoonotic illnesses in developing countries such as Pakistan.

Key Words: Emerging Infection, Human-Animal Interface, One Health, Zoonoses.

How to cite this: Navid MT, Akhtar R, Bhatti MZ.  Perspectives of Emerging Zoonoses – Challenges and Opportunities. Life and Science. 2020; 1(4): 162-166 .  doi:

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