Hamstring Injury Recurrence and Prevention: A Review

Noman Ali Khattak, Yumna Ali, Rabiya Akbar, Fatima Khattak, Sufana Ali


Football stands to be the most favorite sport with approximately four billion fans worldwide. Injuries in the game can often be frustrating to the fans, athletes and the club, affecting performance and financial operations. An avoidance curriculum to help cut down risks of such injuries seems obligatory, concerning the socioeconomic and financial repercussions. An issue that is frequently discussed in sports medicine is Hamstring Strain Injuries (HSI) that is widely seen amongst players which could prevent them from engaging in important games. HSI are one of the most frequently occurring injuries in sport representing approximately 12-24% of all athletic injuries. There is a high prevalence of hamstring strain injuries in many sports, including soccer.
This review consists of summary of hamstring injury causes, prevention  and current practices of treatment . It also evaluates a contemporary method that uses whole-body vibration and its benefits to neuromuscular invigoration and defiance exercises.

Key Words:  Football, Hamstring Injury, Injury Recurrence, Rehabitation, Sports Technique.

How to cite this: Khattak NA, Ali Y, Akbar R, Khattak F, Ali S.  Hamstring Injury Recurrence and Prevention in Football Players: A Review. Life and Science. 2021; 2(3): 122-128.  doi: http://doi.org/10.37185/LnS.1.1.188

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