Evaluation of Mental Disorders along with Cardiovascular Diseases among Adult Patients in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Southern Punjab

Nauman Mazhar, Naeem Amjad, Ikram ul Haq, Majid Bashir, Syed Naseem Bukhari, Tariq Mehmood Khan


Objective: To determine the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in patients with cardiovascular disease and association between psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular diseases and.
Study Design: Cross sectional study.
Place and Duration of Study: The study was conducted at cardiac wards of Ch.Pervaiz Elahi Institute of Cardiology, Multan from 27th May to 27th October 2020.
Materials and Methods: 200 patients of age above 25 years, both male and female with diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases were included in the study. Cardiovascular disease patients were evaluated to various psychiatric disorders, including depression, post trauma stress disorder, anxiety, dysthymia, and bipolar disorder, panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, social phobia, and psychosis. Those with comorbid psychiatric and cardiovascular diseases were evaluated for socioeconomic conditions. Education, income, occupation and debt were used as indicators for this evaluation. Collected data were analysed through computer software SPSS 23.
Results: Out of 200, 115 (57.5%) were male and 85 (42.5%) were female. Mean age of participants was 42.7± 6.7 years. Among them, 94 (47%) were diagnosed positive for mental illness. 10 (10.6%; OR: 0.298) were detected for anxiety, 20 (21.2%; OR, 1.47) for depression, 21 (22.3%; OR, 1.056) for post trauma stress disorder, 7 (7.4%; OR, 0.26) for dysthymia, 5 (5.31%; OR, 0.14) for bipolar disorder, 15 (15.9%; OR, 1.69) for panic disorder, 6 (6.3%; OR, 0.75) for social phobia and 10 (10.6; OR 0.36) for psychosis. Majority 46.8% of diagnosed psychiatric disorders had less than 10 years of schooling, 41.4% were having monthly income less than 25,000 per month, 42.5% were skilled, and 58.5% were indebted.
Conclusion: It is concluded that post trauma stress disorder, depression and panic disorder are significantly correlated with cardiovascular diseases. Further, significant number of patients with comorbid mental and cardiovascular were found to have low educational status and were indebted which makes these two a risk factor in causing cardiac disorders.

Key Words:
Cardiovascular Diseases, Psychiatric Disorders, Socioeconomic Risk Factors.

How to cite this: Mazhar N, Amjad N, Haq I, Bashir M, Bukhari SN, Khan TM. Evaluation of Various Mental Disorders along with Cardiovascular Diseases among adult patients in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Southern Punjab. Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 25-29.  doi: http://doi.org/10.37185/LnS.1.1.201

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