Increased Frequency of Dermatological Diseases in Parkinson’s Patients

Seemab Khan, Nighat Fatima, Asma Bano, Farooq Khan, Faiza Khan, Saira Isa


Objective: To determine the frequency of seborrheic dermatitis, bullous pemphigoid, rosacea, and melanoma among the patients diagnosed with Parkinson Disease.
Study Design: Cross sectional study.
Place and Duration of Study: The study was carried out at Dermatology Department of Bakhtawar Amin Trust Teaching Hospital Multan from 13th May to 13th October 2020.
Materials and Methods: A total of 80 patients of Parkinson disease were evaluated for skin disorders. Disease severity was confirmed through Hoehn Yahr staging criteria (H-Y stage). Skin characteristics and disease diagnosis was made through finding sebum production levels, hot/cold flush test, immunofluorescence and biopsy evaluation for seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, bullous pemphigoid, and melanoma, respectively. The test results were compared with control subject. Chi square test and student t-test were used to find the significance of results. P < 0.05 will be statistically significant.
Results: Out of 80, 44 patients were positive for skin disorders. The frequency of seborrheic dermatitis was 31.2% and was quite high as compared to control group that was 25% whereas rosacea, bullous pemphigoid and melanoma was found in 15%, 6.2% and 2.5% patients and in control group they were 11.2%, 2.5% and 1.0% respectively. To detect the significant difference between quantitative variables of test and control group, chi square was used and student t-test was used to compare the qualitative variables. P < 0.05 will be statistically significant.
Conclusion: Skin disorders are highly prevalent among Parkinson’s patients than control population.

Key Words: Bullous Pemphigoid, Melanoma, Parkinson Disease, Skin Disorder, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Sosacea.

How to cite this: Khan S, Fatima N, Bano A, Khan F, Khan F, Isa S. Increased Frequency of Dermatological Diseases in Parkinson’s Patients. Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 41-44.  doi:

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