Role of Sonography in the Assessment of Dengue Fever with Serological Correlation

Amir Rashid, Amer Fakhr, Abdul Rehman Azeem, Abdul Rehman Arshad, Waqas Ahmed, Yastoor Ahmed


Objective: To assess ultrasound findings and their correlation with hematological parameters in patients with serologically confirmed Dengue Fever (DF).
Study Design: Cross-sectional study.
Place and Duration of Study: The study was carried out at the Department of Medicine of Pak Emirates Military Hospital (PEMH), Rawalpindi, Pakistan from April 2022 to July 2022.
Methods: All participants in this study were serologically confirmed to have dengue disease. Each participant underwent chest, abdomen, and pelvis ultrasound examinations and a complete blood count (CBC). Both descriptive and analytic factors were analyzed statistically. Chi-Square / Fisher exact tests were employed to determine the connection between variables. A p-value less than (0.05) was statistically significant.
Results: 166 individuals with Dengue NS-1 antigen positive with a mean age of 35.77±11.13 years were included in this research. The mean duration of symptoms at the time of admission was 7.32± 1.86 days, and the average duration of hospital stay was 6.69± 2.01 days.  Edema of the gallbladder wall was noticed in 67 (40.36%) of patients, whereas hepatomegaly was observed in 82 (49.39%). Ascites in 49 (29.51%), Pleural effusion in 48 (28.91%), and splenomegaly in 37 (22.28%). The average count of megakaryocytes was 97.09± 43.10. Significantly more sonographic anomalies were identified in patients younger than 36 years of age.
Conclusion: Ultrasound helps in early detection of leaky phase and complications in serologically confirmed patients with Dengue Fever who need prompt medical care.

Keywords: Leaky Phase, NS-1 Antigen, Sonography, Thrombocytopenia, Viral Infection.

How to cite this: Rashid A, Fakhr A, Azeem AR, Arshad AR, Ahmed W, Ahmed Y. Role of Sonography in the Assessment of Dengue Fever with Serological Correlation. Life and Science. 2023; 4(4): 410-414. doi:

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