Dengue Fever and Educated Population: Are Their Perspectives Satisfactory to Control Endemic?

Farhan Muhammad Qureshi, Samira Faiz Bari, Saima Masood Wazir, Masood Wazir, Sehrish Zehra, Ayesha Khalid


Objective: To determine the knowledge and the risk perception regarding dengue fever among the educated population along with their behaviors towards prevention in the backdrop of rising cases of dengue at the national level.
Study Design: Cross-sectional study.
Place and Duration of Study: The study was carried out at the Departments of Electrical, Software Engineering, Computer Sciences and Geophysics of Bahria University, Karachi Campus, Pakistan, from October 2021 to March 2022.
Methods: With an observational analytical study design, 333 students were recruited through convenient sampling. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire. The socio-demographic traits and general information about dengue fever spread and prevention were presented in frequencies and percentages while dengue fever knowledge, risk perception, and behavior of respondents were compared using a chi-square test with the significance level set at 0.05.
Results: It was found that 79.8% of the students recognized that transmission of dengue is through mosquitoes, whereas only 17.4% identified the correct species of dengue infection. Twenty-two percent knew that dengue is a viral illness. Sixty-eight percent marked contaminated water as a mosquito breeding site, while 52.8% believed it to be trash/garbage. Eighty-nine, sixty-nine and fifty-two percent reported the use of window screens, bed nets/mesh, and insect repellents as protective measures, respectively. Fifty-seven percent of participants considered dengue a fatal illness. Eighty-eight and seventy-five percent recognized dengue as a preventable and curable disease, respectively.
Conclusion: Educated participants in this study were misapprehensive that they had satisfactory knowledge, risk perception, and behavior toward dengue fever. Very few had the correct knowledge regarding transmission mode and spread and protective and preventive strategies. Information regarding transmission mode and spread, as well as protective and preventive strategies, were insufficient.

Keywords: Dengue, Dengue Fever, Dengue Virus, Dengue Shock Syndrome, Knowledge

How to cite this: Qureshi FM, Bari SF, Wazir SM, Wazir M, Zehra S, Khalid A. Dengue Fever and Educated Population: Are Their Perspectives Satisfactory Enough to Control Endemic? Life and Science. 2024; 5(1): 76-82. doi:

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