Prevalence of Obesity with its Associated Modifiable Risk Factors among Adolescents of Aged 17-24 Years: Cross-Sectional Study

Shah Zaib, Tahira Raza, Afnan Ahmad, Shahzaib Anwar, Syed Muhammad Haroon Tariq, Tahir Mubashar


Objective: This study aims to point out the association of modifiable risk factors and the prevalence and risk factors of overweight and obesity among adolescents aged 17-24 years.
Study Design: Cross-sectional descriptive study.
Place and Duration of Study: The study was conducted at the Department of Community Medicine, Combined Military Hospital (CMH) College Lahore, Pakistan from April 2022 to May 2022.
Methods: A cross-sectional study was performed on a sample size of 108 adult males through nonprobability convenient sampling in CMH Lahore Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan. HbA1c tests were conducted to check blood sugar. A questionnaire was distributed to collect data. SPSS software was used for the analysis of data using the Chi-square test.
Results: A total of 108 male cadets participated in the study. Mean age was 20.20 years ±1.4 SD. The majority of participants were involved in physical activity and had healthy eating habits. Eighty-nine percent of respondents fall in the category of normal body mass index & 6.5% in the category of overweight & obese & 3.7 % were underweight. Forty-seven percent of subjects were physically active for ≤ 3 days/week & 57.4% were engaged for > 3 days/week. Fifty-seven percent of respondents had a screen time of 5-7 hours/day & 11.1% has > 7 hours/day. Among 108 respondents, 37% had snacking habits in between meals 1-2 times/week & 20.4% has 3-4 times/week.
Conclusion: This study concludes that apart from non-modifiable risk factors, modifiable risk factors also have a major influence on the prevalence of overweight & obesity. Those who exercise & eat healthy have less risk of developing obesity as compared to those who have poor physical activity & unhealthy eating habits.

Key Words: Body Mass Index, Obesity, Physical Activity, Prediabetes.

How to cite this: Zaib S, Raza T, Ahmad A, Anwar S, Tariq SMH, Mubashar T. Prevalence of Obesity with its Associated Modifiable Risk Factors Among Adolescents of Aged 17-24 Years: Cross Sectional Study. Life and Science. 2024; 5(2): 210-215. doi:

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