The Purpose and Value of Research

Syed Muhammad Imran Majeed

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 133-133

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Original Articles
Death Anxiety in Hemodialysis Patients before and during the Outbreak of COVID-19: A Longitudinal Study

Saira Javed, Shavana Sahar Bangash, Nafeesa Sharf, Bushra Samman, Talha Alvi

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 134-137

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Efficacy of Topical 0.03% Tacrolimus Dermatologic Ointment in Treatment of Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis

Muhammad Adnan, Amena Masrur, Furqan Ahmed Khan, Ali Tayyab

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 138-143

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Disease Severity, Clinical Characteristics and Outcome of Patients Hospitalized with Novel Coronavirus Disease at a Tertiary Care Hospital, Rawalpindi

Muhammad Mahtab Shabir, Shazia Nisar, Zobia Urooj, Uzma Qayyum, Fozia Fatima, Zahid Hussain

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 144-149

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First Follow up Response Evaluation of Conventional vs Drug Eluting Bead Transarterial Chemo Embolization: A Comparative Study at Tertiary Care Radiology Centre, Rawalpindi

Afshan Fayyaz, Atif Sheraz, Raza Rahim Hyder, Ghulam Abbas

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 150-153

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Clinical Characteristics, Seasonal Variation, Outcome and Disturbance of Taste and Smell in Cases of COVID-19

Sumera Akram, Muhammad Ahmed Khan, Saeed Akhtar Khan Khattak, Muhammad Ameen Khan, Muhammad Sajid Hussain, Bakhtawar Mustajab

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 154-158

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Clinical Presentation, Risk Factors and Outcomes of Demographic Analysis of Blepharitis in Adults Presenting at Multiple Healthcare Centres

Adeel Ahmad Siddique, Kamran Haider Shaheen, Irum Raza, Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Ghazi Khan Maree, Azfar Ahmed Mirza

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 159-162

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Prevalence of Refractive Errors among Medical Students and Identification of Associated Factors

Saadia Maqbool, Abdul Rehman Rizwan, Iram Manzoor, Ali Qais, Aleena Furqan, Abdul Rehman

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 163-167

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Empathy among Medical Students Studying Different Curricula: A Comparative Study

Shezadi Sabah Imran, Ariba Umer, Asifa Khan, Bushra Bibi, Aqsa Zainab, Anam Rahim

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 168-171

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Effect of Play Based Learning on the Development of Logical Reasoning in Early Childhood Education

Fozia Fatima, Saba Tariq, Maham Siddique, Sabir Ali, Nadia Shabnam, Rabbia Javed

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 172-181

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Review Articles
Challenges in Hemoglobin A1C Measurement in Patients with Diabetes having Hemoglobin Variants and Chemically Modified Derivatives

Dilshad Ahmad Khan, Sumbal Nida

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 182-188

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Pathogenesis of COVID-19: ACE2, Cytokine Storm and Extrapulmonary Manifestations

Abdul Muhaymin, Hyder Wajid Abbasi, Naeem Ullah, Adnan Haider, Syed Babar Jamal, Fazli Subhan, Muhammad Naeem

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 189-197

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Case Report
Intensive Care Management of Multiorgan Dysfunction and Hypoxic Brain Injury Secondary to Refractory Status Epilepticus

Sanum Kashif

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 198-200

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Autism-Current Status and Challenges in Pakistan

Rida Fatima Saeed, Sara Mumtaz, Asma Saleem Qazi, Uzma Azeem Awan, Nosheen Akhtar

Life and Science. 2021; 2(4): 201-201

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