OUR FOOD: How we went wrong

Syed Muhammad Imran Majeed, Aisha Mohyuddin

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 1-2

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Original Articles
Chemical Constituents of Artemisia Annua are Potent Inhibitors of Alpha-Amylase in Type II Diabetes

Erum Dilshad, Farkhanda Mehmood, Rida Tariq, Anum Munir, Sahar Fazal

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 3-12

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Survey on Depression among Dental Professionals in Pakistan

Hashmat Gul, Abida Saleem, Ayesha Aslam, Ujala Liaqat, Abdul Samad Khan

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 13-19

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Comparison of Perioperative Blood Loss with and without Tranexamic Acid in Hip Arthroplasty

Sanum Kashif, Zahid Khan

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 20-24

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Evaluation of Mental Disorders along with Cardiovascular Diseases among Adult Patients in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Southern Punjab

Nauman Mazhar, Naeem Amjad, Ikram ul Haq, Majid Bashir, Syed Naseem Bukhari, Tariq Mehmood Khan

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 25-29

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Knowledge and Attitude of Dentists towards the Use and Safety of Amalgam, Observance of Mercury Hygiene and Amalgam Waste Management

Komal Imran, Sahibzadi Maoizza Fatima Gondal, Syeda Fatima Tu Zahra, Ajmal Yousaf, Mohibullah, Dil Rasheed

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 30-34

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Increased Frequency of Dermatological Diseases in Parkinson’s Patients

Seemab Khan, Nighat Fatima, Asma Bano, Farooq Khan, Faiza Khan, Saira Isa

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 35-38

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Knowledge, Distribution, Dimensions and Barriers in Reporting of Sexual Harassment in Female Medical Students of Public College of Rawalpindi

Umaira Ali, Syed Arshad Sabir, Bilal Sharif

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 39-42

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Empowering Students towards Self-Directed Learning Using Multiple Choice Questions Construction as a Learning Tool in a Private Medical College: A Mixed Quantitative and Qualitative Study

Nilofar Mustafa, Shazia Tufail, Maria Ahmad, Quratul Ain Mushtaq, Pakeeza Aslam, Riffat Sarwar

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 43-48

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Review Articles
Applications of Nanoparticles in Treatment of Respiratory Disorders

Farah Deeba, Farzana Umer, Deep Nainan

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 49-56

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Appropriate Hydration Can Make a Difference

Shizma Junejo, Talea Hoor, Misbah Riaz

Life and Science. 2022; 3(1): 57-59

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